Page Options

Add one of our page options to your package.

Additional Page

Add an additional basic web page to your package. A basic page is text and a few images.

£50.00 / page


Google Map

Add a Google Map with a location marker to any page within your website.

£50.00 / map


Email Form

Add a form to your website that users can complete and the contents are emailed back to you. The online form uses Google Captcha to reduce form spam.

from £90 / form

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Stock Images

We have access to a number of different stock image libraries. These libraries have a large number of images available either royalty free or rights managed. Please contact us with your requirements.

from £6 / image

please contact us with your requirements


Promo Banners

Promo banners are an area on a web page where different graphical banners appear. These either slide into position or fade in. A single promo banner block includes 3 banners as standard. Additional banners can be added as required.

from £90.00 / implimentation & £60 per banner design (optional)


Content Slider

The content slider is a series of HTML blocks that slide into position on top of one and other. Each HTML block can include text and images. A single content slider block includes 3 blocks as standard. Additional blocks can be added as required.

from £90 / implimentation

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Information Panels

Information Panels is a series of HTML blocks fill the width of the page and are dispayed in a series down a page. There can be a maximum of 4 panels. Each pannel is a image with title, decsription and link placed on top of the image.

from £90.00 / implimentation

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Information Boxes

Information baoxes are a series of boxes of infomration arranged into a grid on a web page.

from £90.00 / implementation

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Information Carousel

The Information Carousel is a series of images or html blocks that are displayed in a scrolling list.

from £90.00 / implimentation

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Information Tabs

Information Tabs are a series of HTML areas that are expanded one at a time by the website user.

from £90.00 / implementation

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Tab Box

A tab box is a series of HTML content areas with a tabbed index at the top.

from £90.00 / implementation

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Photo Gallery

A Photo Gallery is a responsive photo gallery that can be added to a page on the website. It features a series of thumbnail images, a main image and a popup slidershow gallery.

from £90.00 / implementation

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