Custom Starter Web Store

You can now have an affordable ecommerce website that will sell for you 24 hours a day. Our website package includes our E-Commerce system with a client maintainable product catalogue and online ordering system.

Our e-commerce package is our basic starting point. Simply add to your package with our range of add-on options to build the website you want.


Package Specification

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  • Standard Custom website design service included (2 design proposals)
  • 6 Web Pages & Product Catalogue
  • Add additional pages or add-on options
  • Client Supplied Text & Photos
  • up to 5 Royalty Free Stock Image Library photos
  • Content Management System (Monthly fee applies)
  • 3 Legs Ltd's Web Cart with Standard Integration included
  • FREE Domain Name (.im, .com or .uk) Other names are available by request
  • Monthly Service Fees (£60.00 pm including domain name, hosting, email, CMS & web cart etc.)
  • DV SSL Certificate Included
  • Google Analytics & Google Sitemap Setup
  • Submission to Major Search Engines
  • E-Mail and Telephone Customer Support
  • 4-6 Weeks Turnaround (Subject to time taken for content to be supplied)

from £2,500.00 Setup

then only £60 per month

Web Design

Professional Website Design

  • 2 Design Proposals
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Supply your logo and choose a colour scheme
  • Tell us what websites you like and we will use your logo, photos and colour scheme to produce a design proposal
  • Custom Website design not a template
  • Optional Enhanced visual customisation available


Each website package includes a number of standard pages and some pre-defined pages.

  • 6 Standard Pages included
  • Product Catalogue Pages
  • Decide what pages you want, advice available
  • Standard pages include text and up to 3 photos
  • FREE Privacy & Sitemap Pages
  • Email submission Contact Form

Add additional pages or page content options, click here for details. You can also add our CMS modules to add additional sections and functionality, click here.


Client Supplied Content

  • You supply the text and photos, we build the site
  • Simply add your products and publish when ready using our Web Cart software
  • Client Input of product data


Here a 3 Legs Ltd we have developed our own Content Management System (CMS). If you choose our CMS as part of you monthly fees you will be able to edit the content on the pages of your website via our easy to use web based interfeace.

By developing our own CMS we are not restricted by the way that off the shelf solutions work. This allows us to tailor the system to each website we produce making it simpler for your to manage your website. The monthly fee for using our CMS includes the use of the software to update your website as well as training and ongoing support.

  • Simple to use system, no technical experience needed!
  • Web based make changes to your site any time, any where
  • Traning & Support Included in Monthly Fee
  • A range of add-on options available
  • Custom CMS module production

In addition to editing the basic pages of your site we also have a number of CMS modules that can be used to add extra functionality to your website.


For more details on our range of add-on CMS options click here.


3 Legs Web Cart with Std Integration

  • Simple to use system, manage your products, no technical experience needed!
  • Web based make changes to your site any time, any where
  • Traning & Support Included in Monthly Fee
  • Templated Product Catalogue Publishing System
  • Hosted Online Order Process - no special hosting needed
  • Fully Featured Back End Control Panel (Manage Products, Manage the Product Catalogue, Review orders)
  • Client Maintainable Product Catalogue
  • Simple Product Search
  • Flexible Payment Options
    (pay by SECURE TRADING or PayPal)
  • Basic Postage Calculation

For more details on our range of add-on Web Cart options click here.


All website packages are hosted on one of our standard managed hosting solutions

  • Monthly fee includes registration and renewal of .com or .uk domain, additional domain names available
  • 250 Mb Server Space (Additional space available)
  • 5 x 250Mb POP3 Email Accounts (Additional accounts available)
  • 5 Gb Monthly Bandwidth (Additional capacity available)
  • DV SSL Certificate
  • FREE Domain Name (.im, .com or .uk)
  • E-Mail and Telephone Customer Support


Once your website is up and running maintenance on the website will be charged at £60/hr in 15 min units. Maintenance updates are usually processed within 5 working days.

Maintenance is usually only required if you have a special request or wish to make large changes to your website.

If you have our content management option you will be able to make updates the the various pages using our web based CMS.

Our hosting, CMS and e-commerce services also include e-mail and telephone support.


Configuration Set-up Price
(Ex VAT)
6 Page website with 2 Design Proposals and Standard Product Catalogue from £2,500.00
Additional Standard Pages
(for sites more than 12 pages please contact us for pricing)
per page
Monthly Service Bundle Monthly Fee
(Ex VAT)
Standard Hosting, Email, Web Cart & Content Management from £50.00
Standard Hosting, Email, Web Cart (Without online ordering) & Content Management from £39.00
Extras Monthly Fee
(Ex VAT)
Additional .im name £2.00
Additional .uk name £1.00
Additional .com name £2.00
25Gb Cloud Mailboxes (price per mailbox per month) £3.00

* content for the various web pages is to be supplied by the client in accordance with our content supply guidelinesA basic web page * content for the various web pages is to be supplied by the client in accordance with our content supply guidelines. A basic web page comprises of text & photos (excluding photo gallery). If you require a page with DHTML effects, user interactive elements, submit forms or other special functionality then please contact us with your requirements. ** In order to use the web cart service you will need an online payment account with a supported Payment Service Provider. The charges made by a PSP are not included in our charges. *** Price covers our standard configuration options. If you require functionality not covered by this configuration then additional cost will be involved.


All of our packages can be enhanced using a range of different add-on options. These options range from design options, page content elements and CMS modules. Use the links below to see more about the different types of options available:

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Example Websites

The following websites are examples of this website package with selected add-on features.