Affordable Website Solutions

Preparing your content

To help us create your website as quickly as possible we ask that all the content for the website be supplied as soon as possible. Any files supplied should be sent in a format we support - please see our content supply guidelines for more details.

Design Customisation

All our website packages come with a custom web design. Our designers will use the logo, photos, colour scheme and page content provided to produce a single design proposal. In order to do this we need the following files and information.

  • A copy of your logo in an electronic format
  • A selection of photos to customise the design
  • The required colour scheme
  • A list of the names of the web pages you want on the website
  • The choice of layout style required

Page Content

For each page on the website you need to supply the text and any photos/images for that page. We recommend you create a text document for each page on the website and include the name of the page and the text for that page within the document. At the end of the document you should list the photos/images to be used on that page - please include the filename and any caption required. The photos/images to be used should not be inserted into the text document but supplied separately.

Sending the Content to Us

You can e-mail electronic files to us at in PC format. E-mails should be kept as small as possible and we recommend an e-mail size of no larger than 4Mb. If the files you are supplying are larger than this then you should send the files on floppy disk, 100mb or 250mb Zip Disk or CD in PC format. If you need to compress the files before sending them to us please use one of the following compression formats TAR, gzip, UUencode, XXencode, BinHex or MIME.

Details of how to create a compressed (Zipped) folder in WindowsXP can be found at:;en-us;306531

Mac OS X users can find details about archiving files at:


If you are submitting content by e-mail you should limit the size of each e-mail to 4Mb. If you are supplying a large number of files you should consider sending these on a CD or creating a compressed folder/file containing all these files and e-mail that single file.

If you are sending files on a CD then these should be sent to:

3 Legs Limited
48A Springham Park
Isle of Man