Affordable Website Solutions

Production Process

In order to deliver your website in a quick and efficient manor we have developed a 5 stage production process. Below we describe the steps that we will following and indicate where you need to provide input.

Stage 1 - Specification

Before we start designing the website we first need to define the specification of the website. This includes:

  1. The required pages and structure
  2. Details of forms required
  3. Details of special design elements
  4. Details of what add-ons are required
  5. Details of any special functionality required

We need to full agree the requirements at this stage. The project will be priced based on these requirments and changes once the design and construction process have started my be more costly to do.

Stage 2 - Design

The first stage is to decide on a design for your website. At this point we ask you to provide the following:

  1. a high quality version of your logo
  2. any photos or logos that you wish to have used with the website design
  3. details of websites you like and why
  4. details of the colour scheme you wish to use

We will use this information to produce a design proposal.

Stage 3 - Development website

Once the design is agreed we will start construction on the development site. Now we will need the text and photos for the individual pages that make up the website. As we receive this content it will be added to the development website so you can monitor the development of the website.

Stage 4 - Special Functionality

If you website includes special functionality then we will now integrate this in to the website. If you are getting an e-commerce website you will need to provide us with the payment provider details. We will also at this point provide details on how to enter product data into the e-commerce system.

Stage 5 - Final Review

This is the last stage of the production process. You will be asked to check the website for any final alterations that need to be made and test any special functionality so that you are happy with the website. Once you are happy the website will be made live and submitted to the search engines.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mailing or call 01624 626892.